Welcome to Hams Eating Chicken Blog.

Every Thursday around 11:15am a group of amateur radio operators meet either at the LoCoARC clubhous in Columbus or Tags in Hamilton, MS. While eating chicken and other dishes we having a great time together.

Amateur radio operators are called hams, hence Hams Eating Chicken.

Some of us are members of the KC5ULN LoCoARC in Columbus, but that is not required at all. We welcome everybody, the more the better. If you have some relation to Ham Radio or not you are welcome.

Our discussions are like the winds over the ocean, changing directions all the time and occasionally turning in circles. If you have time and in the area please join us.

Amateur Radio is the first social network, more than 100 years in existence.

The intent with the blog is to be a fun place, where we all contribute.


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