LoCoARC Update from President K5DDT

Hello everyone,
Please accept my apology for not getting some of this information out sooner. I suppose it is better late than not at all. Get your calendar out and let’s get started.  The Lowndes County ARC has things in the oven.
Next Saturday, Feb. 25th at 8:00 am there will be an antenna build gathering at the clubhouse. The primary build will be hand held Yagi antennas quite often used for fox hunting. At the last meeting I told everyone at the meeting I would send out diagrams and parts list for this “tape measure” antenna. A day or two later Arne (K5ARN) had posted excellent links to you tube videos and parts list for these antennas. You can find all this information at  the hamseatingchicken.com web site. There will be a second build date for this antenna on Saturday Mar.11th at the club house for those who can’t participate in the first session.
Why would we need antennas for fox hunting unless we were participating in a fox hunt? The club has scheduled a fox hunt for Sat. April 8th at 8:00am beginning from the clubhouse. We have used this exercise in the past and everyone found it to be a lot of fun. I encourage you to come out and participate if at all possible.
Next on the calendar is a testing session for those who would like to test for their tech class license or possibly upgrade to general or amateur extra. People are already signing up for this session, but there is plenty of space left. If you are interested or know someone who is, you may reach Ken (AD5DO) at AD5DO@arrl.net. He will get back in touch with you and provide you with any necessary information. He needs to know how many are planning in advance to be prepared. This testing session will be conducted March 4th, at the clubhouse at 9:00am.
Preliminary preparations are being made for our first “day in the park” for 2017. Locations are being looked at and dates are being considered. This first excursion for the year is being planned similar to the way we have done this in the past with one new twist. We are planning to let this become an overnight camping trip. Just to avoid any confusion, this will not be camping at the Hilton. It will be primitive camping with solar power or possibly generators. No air conditioner or sauna. That does not mean that those wishing to participate in the activities, but sleep in the comforts of their own home will not be welcome. Just the opposite is true. This is meant to be for everyone to be able to enjoy as much or as little as they desire.
That will be all for now. I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend and I hope we have a large turnout next Saturday.
John Buckley    K5DDT

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