LoCoARC Tape Measure Antenna Build

This morning a group of members met at our fine club house, more specifically in the project room to build tape measure antennas.

These are easy to build and very inexpensive, instructions were earlier posted on this blog.

April 8th we will have a Fox Hunt using these antennas. If you missed todays building session it will be a second chance March 11th. If you are a club member or not you are welcome, please bring material or place a comment to the left on this page.



Measure twice, cut once!







A nice group of Hams with a lot of gain, antenna gain that is.



Testing and notice 2m VHF uses vertical polarization.

RECOMMENDATION: Since the ends of the tape measure are very sharp it is a very good idea to attach a piece of electrical tape over the tape to prevent involuntary cuts.

Photos by AB5AR.  Many Thanks!


One thought on “LoCoARC Tape Measure Antenna Build”

  1. In the first picture of the antenna build are the two newest members of Lowndes County ARC. A good way to welcome them and get acquainted. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We are looking forward to the fox hunt.


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