The best way to eat chicken wings!

We now know why America is struggling to retain its dominance in the world: We are too slow at eating chicken wings.


Fortunately, just in time for the wing-eating bacchanal known as the Super Bowl, a new study shows that America can save 116 million hours in lost productivity — more than 4,800,000 days! — if we become more efficient at stripping meat from the appendages of birds.

“Imagine what America could do with those hours!” says George Shea, the chairman of Major League Eating, which oversees professional eating contests. It studied more than 100 gustatory gladiators over two years to determine that the typical consumer could save three minutes and 30 seconds for every dozen wings consumed.

By the way it is Hams Eating Chicken at Ryan’s tomorrow Thursday March 9. Come and join us!

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