What do you do at a Ham Booth for kids?

The Morse Mouse – Educational Fun with Amateur Radio


The Morse Mouse came about as a way to demonstrate Morse Code to youngsters (and the young-at-heart) at local club events – and not just sit there playing radio all day, but actively enouraging the public to learn about communication methods, understand that Morse Code is still used – and rather fun, too!

By sending a series of letters in Morse Code, the program aims to encourage an interest in the mode through skill as well as memory. The program simply picks a random letter and records the key-stroke (or button press) to determine what letter is being entered. There are additional intro, winner and loser sound-effects, too.


A laminated A4 crib-sheet is provided to assist with the decoding of each letter and before somebody starts to play – it should be explained to them what and how a Dit and Dah each sound like, the difference between them and perhaps a bit of history about the mode (telegraph, reliability vs distance over voice comms, HMS Titanic SOS etc).

There are 3 level settings: Easy , Hard and Expert – these give you varying times to guess the character… So, those comfortable at 15-25wpm QSO speeds should get some fun out of this, too! Not only could this be a nice interactive/demo attraction at your next public event, but could be a fun part of your club’s next social night: A laptop, possibly a large screen and a set of headphones – and give a prize to the person who gets the highest score 🙂



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