Club Update From President K5DDT

This is a late reminder for the net call tonight on the 147.000 with tone 136.9 @ 7:30 pm or for the military minded @ 19:30 hrs. Hope to see everyone there.

Thursday May 4th
At noon will be Hams Eating Chicken @ Ryan’s at around 11:15 to whenever for those able to attend.

7:00 pm or earlier is the monthly business meeting at the clubhouse. The reason I said earlier, the committee preparing for the Market Street booth is planning their final dress rehearsal in the driveway at the clubhouse. We will be there at 4:00 pm to have everything set up for you to get an advance look at what has been done in preparation for this event. This is the 3rd setup and it is just about ready to go.

We want all members of the Lowndes County ARC to be proud of this display.

Saturday May 6th


6:00 – 9:00 will be final set up of the booth on College St. in the parking lot of Good Samaritan clinic. (Behind 1st United Methodist Church and across the street from their daycare building) The Hrs.of operation are set for 9:00 to 5:00. Your help is very welcome in a variety of different ways of support even if you can’t attend. If you are in the area please come by even if you can’t help to give the ones working some moral support.

If you can’t attend at all but would possibly be able to offer support by being available for at least some time during the day on your 2 meter station. W will have a station working and it would be great to have club contacts to communicate with during the day.

I want to go ahead and say thanks to several people who have contributed in different ways to this project. For now in the sake of time I won’t try to name each on individually, as sure as I did, I would probably leave someone out. Just know for now you are greatly appreciated.

That’s all for now.


John Buckley K5DDT


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