Discontinuing hamseatingchicken.com?

I might discontinue hamseatingchicken.com! The number of views are dwindling  and since the yearly subscription is up for renewal beginning of September it is time to decide.

The cost for the site hosting and the domain is surprisingly low, only $35.88 per year and it includes the excellent WordPress editor. It is very easy to post even with a smartphone.

It is more the effort to find interesting posts and pictures that engages an audience. In the beginning the interest was high and some readers were contributing, but no more.

If anyone wants to take over or have another idea pls leave me a comment by clicking the link on the left side.



PS. As long as no better alternative has come up on “Hams Eating Chicken” lunch on Thursdays, it will continue as usual at Ryan’s around 11:30 AM.



3 thoughts on “Discontinuing hamseatingchicken.com?”

  1. I would take over but my time is so limited as it is. I apologize for that. Besides, where DO you come up with some of the things you include on your posts? Some are insightful. Some are quite helpful. Some are informative. And then, there are those posts that leave us in stitches with laughter.

    Perhaps someone will step up in your stead. I’m sure it isn’t easy to maintain. We (I) have enjoyed hamseatingchicken.com but…. I truly understand your dilemma.


  2. Arne I didn’t know, didn’t know that you were solo on the content you put up on the site. I have always looked at the site a couple times a week to see who all made it to the Hams Eating Chicken Lunch at Ryan’s. I would love to had been able to meet with you guys. But my job all the way in Starkville just didn’t allow me to make the trip. I could only come up with pocket change to help out on the cost to keep it going. Having hard time with keeping low price on my house Insurance so had to get another company the 3rd one in 2 years. Already sold about all I can all Guns I had went 2 months ago. May end up having to sell what little HAM gear I have at a later time. No Base station set up what would a Cushcraft R-8 Vertical be worth heck never put it up been on the back fence for 5 years. 2m rig in car not working right, 10m Radio still in the box. I personally read everything you posted sorry I didn’t comment on the stuff you did post


  3. Hey Arne. I can take care of the renewal and hopefully my fellow Hams will help me with content. Shoot me an email and we’ll get it worked out.


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