KC5ULN-R Echolink

Echolink is an awesome technology, as well as a great capability that we enjoy on the 147.000 machine. Arne is downsizing his shack, so we’d need someone to take over the Echolink stewardship.

This is needed:
1. Internet connection.
2. VHF transceiver 147.000 Mhz within reach of club repeater.
3. Signalink or similar. Might be able to use soundcard directly on computer, but I have no experience doing it that way.
4. Computer.
5. Various cables.
6. Antenna.
The Echolink sysop account belongs to the club (this wasn’t trivial to get), but Arne can help you get squared away.

One thought on “KC5ULN-R Echolink”

  1. There is at least one club member who is at least somewhat interested in picking up the sysop responsibilities for Echolink. If this develops Arne will be among the very first to know. I am sure this will not develop before Huntsville if at all. Let’s hope for a good outcome.


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