Ham Radio Netflix Series In the Works

hamhijinks.com reports

Ham Radio Netflix Series In the Works

LOS GATOS, Calif. — Netflix has greenlit an uplifting series about the life of a three legged dog who successfully runs his own booth at hamfests.

“The pilot episode was a touching tale about this dog overcoming his limited physical capabilities to become a reputable dealer of 256 MB RAM,” said Andre Trespiernos, director of niche programming for Netflix. “By the end of the episode, we were all in tears.”

Based on true events, the series details the dog’s struggles with finding replacement parts for an IBM Thinkpad 360C, battling the military surplus radio vendor for booth space, and facing his fear of suspendered men (a dog’s eye view into species politics.)

“Those watching will be hit with a nostalgia for obsolete electronics and a new respect for small business owners who also happen to be canine and missing a fourth leg,” notes Trespiernos, who is also juggling the production of a harrowing documentary highlighting the plight of grandchildren lost at hamfests.

The project is slated to hit the streaming network next Spring in order to coincide with the beginning of peak hamfest season.​

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