Radio in the Park

Was nice seeing you all! Comment below and tell us how YOUR Radio in the Park day went!


Also, the MSU W5YD net is tonight at 2000 hours, stop by and check in with net control N5OMK.



4 thoughts on “Radio in the Park”

  1. As was expected, our radio day in the park was quite a success. There were contacts made using KC5NMB’s new 7300 and his vertical antenna. Other contacts were made by AB5Ar and others using his mobile rig and cw as the mode. There were also a few PSK31 contacts made using FLDIGI running on a Raspberry pi.

    In addition there were antennas built, other antennas tuned and just a lot of visiting with each other and just having a good time. Try to pry yourself loose and join us for the next event which may be coming up in the next few weeks. Notices will be posted here on Check it often for all the latest.


  2. I enjoyed visiting with everyone. I was able to contact people in New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, and others. Thank you all for bringing your radios, antennas (and dogs). It was a great time.


  3. It was really nice to see all of you, even if briefly! I love the site. First time I’ve been there and I’ll definitely have to go back.


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