Does this happen to you?


  1. Microphone bites (nasty RF shock!)
  2. Gritty and or fuzzy audio modulation (Distortion)
  3. Malfunction of electronic keyer (sending wrong characters)
  4. RF shock when touching metallic objects within the shack
  5. Power supply jitters (the regulated power supply becomes un-regulated!)
  6. Crazy SWR meter readings
  7. Desktop computer going crazy
  8. PC Desktop monitor jitters
  9. Fluorescent lamp flicker
  10. Active TTL switch circuit going crazy (Turning ON-OFF-ON by itself)
  11. Inactive panel meters of separate equipment moving on their own
  12. When transmitting, a distorted audio is heard over the amplified speaker of the PC desktop.
  13. Severe Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) to home appliances within the vicinity of the Ham shack.


You might have ground loops! Does your RF grounding look like this:


It should look like this:


And the wire to the ground rod should be as short as possible.

Click to learn more about RF grounding



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