Home Brew Sound Card Interface Kit Building Session!


Hello all,

Today at Hams Eating Chicken lunch at the club house kit distribution
started.  The following members have received their kits:  Tom KC5NMB,
Steve N4SLM, Sharron KG5ABS, Ken AD5DO, John K5DDT, Arne K5ARN (2 kits),
Gene KF5EJI, and Walt AF5KQ.  Three kits remain.  If you requested one
please let me know you still want it.  I ordered parts for 12 kits,
which was 2 more kits than the 10 requested.  One of the extras was
dispensed today and the other one was requested at the club meeting last

KIT BUILD:  We discussed a time to get together at the club for a ‘kit
building day’.  It is short notice but we will attempt the first kit
build day this coming Saturday at 9:00 AM.  Come, bring your kit (or get
it when you arrive), bring appropriate tools that you have (small tip
soldering pencil, small pliers,  etc., and very good eyes for seeing
small stuff!)! We will have additional build days as required by the
group and as schedules permit.

I am attaching some enlarged pictures / drawings from the group John
received from Gary KF5MWE to assist you with your construction.  I also
recommend that you download this article from G4ILO which I believe was
the major inspiration for Gary’s circuit / design.  It describes G4ILO’s
construction of a very similar unit and gives some helpful operational
info.  The link is:  http://www.g4ilo.com/usblink.html

I was not sure what I was getting into when I volunteered(?) for this
task.  I must say it has been enjoyable, especially the discussion today
at the club house.  Yes, the build is sort of tedious, but I expect to
enjoy the build sessions as well!


Walt AF5KQ

Assebled BackAssembled FRontCompleted-Wiring-2Home Brew Deluxe Sound Card Interface-board-Rev2-2Home Brew Deluxe Sound Card Interface-Rev2-3

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