WCBI News Clip with KG5ABS.


MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI) – The state of Mississippi is showing Vietnam Vets how much they’re appreciated.

The State Veteran Affairs Board is offering a commemorative book free to all who served in Vietnam.

The 50th Anniversary Commemorative Gift Book includes a message from the governor, photos, and narrative about the duty, service and sacrifice of Vietnam Veterans.

“When the veterans came back from the Vietnam war, they want to celebrate it.. In fact, they were told to hide everything and not even let people know they were in the service. They were, of course we know they were dealt with harshly. This book is to show that honor in Lou of we know that we did not give them a parade, but this is a welcome home ceremony that we’re doing to present these books because we want them to know that they are welcome,” says Veteran Service Officer Sharon Dollarhide.

Vietnam Vets can contact Dollarhide at the Montgomery Center for America’s Veterans on the MSU campus for more information about receiving the free book.

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