December EMCOMM Check-in on the MSPN, Thursday 12/7 at 17:30 on 3.862 MHz.


Message from Section Manager W5XX:

Where did 2017 go? Here we are coming up on Christmas and New Year’s
again. We certainly had plenty of activity in the Gulf this year.
Let’s hope for a quiet 2018. Our December 2017 EMCOMM Checkin will be
this Thursday December 7 at 5:30 PM on 3862 at the beginning of the
MSPN.  W5XX will be NCS. After the call for emergency, priority, and
welfare traffic, the NCS will ask for the following checkins:

State EOC/County EOCs
Served Agencies
Section Emergency Coordinator
Assistant Section Emergency Coordinators
District Emergency Coordinators
Emergency Coordinators
Assistant Emergency Coordinators
MARS Officials

Link to ARRL Miss Section

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