Proposed relocation of 146.625 repeater

The Columbus 146.625 has been down for a couple of weeks. The machine is so rarely used it tends to get overlooked.  The machine is difficult to access due to being in a remote location. In the best of times (summer and dry) there is a trail which is grown up with brush and kudzu. During the winter the land is leased for hunting so gates are locked and anyone going down there is frown upon. I’ve made many a trip to the site but I no longer have any interest in going down there. The building has been broken into so many times that the door will not stay closed much less locked. With the door standing open the equipment is an invitation to thieves and vandals. The climate control is of no real value also under these situations.  The tower site is not owned by Frank and he is slowly moving his commercial equipment to his new locations. The antenna is also damaged and does not offer sufficient coverage.
 The 147.000 repeater is located on TV road in Columbus on Military Road. The tower site is easy to gain access, well maintained, climate controlled and has an emergency generator which powers the building during extended power outages. It would be an easy installation to relocate the 146.625 machine. The Kenwood repeater (146.625) is a better piece of electronics than the Yaesu (147.000) repeater. The Kenwood has a quiet receive and a shorter squelch tail capability than the Yaesu.
 With an abundance of Alabama repeaters on 147.000 there is always some conflicting traffic when there is a band opening which makes for a less than ideal communications. I have lost count of the times I’ve been contacted to inform me of noise in the repeater and that something needs to be done. It is my belief that moving the 146.625 over to replace the 147.000 would be a good move for the club and for a better communication experience.  The new antenna which was installed on the tower during renovation, the higher quality repeater and the duplexers used on the 146.625 have a lower db loss will improve our primary repeater system.
The 147.000 Yaesu repeater would be pulled from use and sent back to Yaesu for upgrades needed for System Fusion use. There is no time table for this project to be completed but as I am the owner of the Yaesu machine, I will complete the project as time and materials allow with no cost to the club.
 Please review and discuss the proposed relocation of the 146.625 so we can make the best decision possible at the January business meeting.
Thank You,
 Ken Campbell

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