LoCoARC Update


Hello fellow Ham,

I would like to begin with a great big WELCOME to our newest club members. Last month Wayne Perkins (KG5SEN) and Rick Swiney (WB5TZN) joined. This month Sarah Birkholz (KG5SEO) and Jericho Bates (KG5YAE) became members. If this rate is maintained we will gain 24 new members in 2018. This would be great but we are off to a good start regardless.
Chris Carter (KF5WZD), another of our club members, is deploying in a few days. We want to wish the best luck and good health to Chris and his family during his time away. Chris, we all thank you very sincerely for your service to our country and the sacrifice it requires of you and your family.
There was quite a nice crowd at the meeting this past Thursday night with the rainy weather, sickness and other demands on our members. Thanks to all who made the effort and attended. To those who were not able, we encourage you to add the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm to your schedule and try to attend. We have a great group of club members and a lot of activities to offer. Who knows what you may learn about and decide to try next in this great hobby.
The highlight of the meeting other than the new members was recognizing Walt Wilson (AF5KQ) as our Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club “Ham of The Year”. Congratulations again to Walt for being selected by our club members. We also thank Walt for his involvement in club activities and his support of our club and willingness to give help to members of the club as needed.
Speaking of Walt (AF5KQ). He will be our Tuesday night net control operator for February beginning tomorrow night on the 6th at 7:30 pm. This net is on the 147.000 with a tone of 136.5. Let me encourage each of you to try your best to make this net call a huge success for Walt and an ongoing way to support the club.
Other net calls in our general area are as follows:
Houston, MS  Monday night at 7:30 pm on the 146.895 with a tone of 1413
MSU  Monday night at 8:00 pm on the 146.805 no tone    *Echo link
Columbus, MS Tuesday night at 7:30 pm on the 147.000 with a tone of 136.5
Lamar, County, AL on Wednesday night at 8:30 pm with a tone of 110.9    *Echo link
*Echo link is a method of using your smart phone to link to and communicate with repeaters anywhere you have phone service once it is properly set up on your phone.and it is free. if you are not familiar with this operation you can google for Echo link or contact one of our club members who can help get you up to speed.
On the 24th of this month an antenna build is scheduled at 9;00 am at our clubhouse. Some members are planning to work on cobweb antennas but other antennas can also be built. Get in touch with Tom (KC5NMB) or myself for more information and any special interest you may have in antenna building for 2m or HF.
A fox hunt is planned for March 24th at 9:00 am. Please add this to calendar along with the other club activities.
Our first day in the park for 2018 is planned for April 7th at Waverly landing on the West bank at one of the pavilions. These outings have been enjoyed by our club members as well as guest each time we have operated from the parks. In 2016 we began with an outing at Dewayne Hayes Water Park on the East bank of the Tenn-Tom waterway. Later in the year we went to Lake Lowndes state park three times. In 2017 the club went back to Dewayne Hayes again. Club members and families along with visiting guests all seemed to enjoy these outings, making a few contacts, and some antenna building, not to mention the food.
Don’t forget the HAMSEATINGCHICKEN.COM website. There are new things being posted on a regular basis. If you are not checking this site on a regular basis you are probably missing some great information being made available by Joey (W5HNZ) and Arne (K5ARN). A great big thanks to both of these fellow hams for the effort they make to keep this information available for us.
Speaking of HAMS EATING CHICKEN. There are two opportunities each week to join with other hams to enjoy being around friends who are hams. There is a get together on Tuesday morning at 7:00 am at the Huddle House on Military road across from Brickerton. The other opportunity is at the clubhouse on Thursday around 11:00 – 11:30 or when you can make it. For the Thursday gathering just pick-up what you want to eat or bring something from home and come on. There is a microwave at the clubhouse if needed to warm something. One time may be easier for your schedule than the other. You will be welcomed at either or both of these times and locations.
73 for now and hope to see you soon.


John Buckley    K5DDT