4-County Power Outage System


When electricity goes out, most of us expect power will be restored within a few hours. But when a major storm causes widespread damage, longer outages may result. 4-County line crews work long, hard hours to restore service safely to the greatest number of consumers in the shortest time possible.


Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 8.01.18 AM

Link to 4County Outage Map

We, at 4-County, do all we can to ensure that you are always receiving power to your home. In order to better service our customers in a quick, easy, and efficient manner, we have an Automated Outage Reporting System. Here’s how it works.

The system’s “Caller ID” feature will normally recognize the phone number from which you are calling and the corresponding customer’s name and location will be assigned and displayed for the dispatcher. Instructions will follow on the recorded messages which will allow you to enter unrecognized phone numbers, to leave a message containing pertinent information about the outage, or to enter phone numbers of a different outage location. Please follow these instructions carefully to assure complete and accurate information so that your power can be restored in the minimum amount of time.

The dispatchers can then view the information on the monitor, and assess whether the outage is an isolated case, or is affecting an entire area. The dispatcher also receives a print out of each individual outage on a high speed printer in the event of a major storm. All this allows us to better serve you by restoring your power in the fastest manner possible.

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