uBitX status

Thanks to Walt for the great Netcall tonight and this update on the uBitX project. AF5KQ is THE authority in hardware projects…thanks Walt!

This is the status of the uBitX as of today, Feb. 13, 2018.  I got power on about 4 PM today.  Connected it to my 40 meter OFCD and listened to the Mississippi Section Phone Net on 3862 tonight.  The uBitX could hear about as well as my iCom-7200 on my G5RV.  The G5RV and the OFCD are at right angles, the G5RV is mostly N-S and the OFCD is mostly E-W.  Today I was using a 12V 2A wall wart switching supply.  They recommend at least a 3A supply for transmit.  The next size I have is 10A, so it should work!

I was hearing lots of signals on 75 meters and 40 meters.  I did not try 20 meters until after the Columbus net, after 8 PM, I did not hear much on 20?

As I mentioned on the net, a guy had posted pictures of his build on the BITX20 group.  He used a Harbor Freight plastic Ammo Box. It looked neat, I’ll check out the box at Harbor Freight to see if I like it.  If it is OK maybe I can get it together and bring it the the March 1st Club Meeting for ‘Show and Tell’!