CQWW CW 2017 Contest

Notice he is using two transceivers, computers do the keying, decoding and logging.

Very very seldom does he key morse code with his paddles.

There is hope for a no-code extra then?

2 thoughts on “CQWW CW 2017 Contest”

  1. I dunno…that’s kinda sad to me. If that’s what makes you happy…fine. I don’t consider that CW operation.


  2. It is top of the line CW contesting, an award winning radio sport. And many non contesting hams are using software for their CW operation. But an old CW operating ham at 60 words per minute and at the same time reads a newspaper is a real Morse coder or Morris coder as Gordon West says, is a pleasure to see. I do not do any Morse code, do you. Only intent with the post was to show the diversity in tools and operation under the CW nomenclature. I became disappointed when I saw a video some time ago from field day and the CW group almost only used computers to code and decode.


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