Need to sleep?

There is no secret among the Lowndes County and Oktibbeha County Hams, that there are a few operators that are avid tea drinkers. We won’t point fingers as to where this originated from (K5BAK), but there are many that have benefited from this knowledge. That’s what the Ham community is all about! To share knowledge…

The other night I was all keyed up and couldn’t get to sleep. Normally, a single mug of Sleepytime tea will do the trick. Rarely, I’ll have to resort to Sleeptyime-extra (an N5OMK recommended exercise), which is strong stuff. At any rate, this night I had a bag of this other Stress-reliever tea and decided to blend the two. The results were as expected…I was fast asleep 20 minutes later, had magically awesome dreams and woke up ready to fight the world (sort of)*.


Now, that’s a strong brew! Merry dreams…


*Individual experiences may differ

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