The birthplace of Hams Eating Chicken going away!

Ryan’s Buffet in Columbus will be closing its doors in the near future.

It is unclear when the restaurant will officially end operations. However, the lease ends on June 30.

The restaurant, best known for its buffet and located at 1201 Highway 45 N., will be listed with Rhett Real Estate.

Employees were notified this week the restaurant would be closing, and a For Sale sign was installed in front of the building.

This location was one of three left in Mississippi – with the other two located in Corinth and Picayune.

5 thoughts on “The birthplace of Hams Eating Chicken going away!”

  1. Well….I sort of went on a diet, so I’m getting a kick out of your comment…

    At any rate, Ryan’s was pretty good. Not the best food on the planet, but it wasn’t bad for what it was. We should do a HamsEatingChicken farewell luncheon.


    1. Yea but somewhere else, they probably got a case of don’t cares which could have you leaving with something extra if you know what I mean.


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