New mobile apps are here!

It’s been a long road, but after almost two and a half long years of work, the next generation of is finally here! That’s right, we just released the new mobile apps that so many people have been asking for — and they don’t require an internet connection!


Now, first the bad news: some of you will be disappointed to hear that these apps are not free.  They are, in fact, $3.99.  That’s a one-time cost — it’s not a subscription, you don’t have to pay that for each question pool, and yes you can let your whole family use it if you all share a mobile store account, but it does have a cost.

Let’s put it simply: If you want to study without being connected to the internet then you will need to buy the $3.99 mobile app.  If you *don’t* need that, and you don’t want to buy the mobile app, then you will always be able to use for free — and yes, it works just fine in your mobile web browser.

One more time: The mobile app costs, but using the mobile website (still on mobile, but with an internet connection!) will always be free.



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  1. I’m a big fan of hamstudy. I used their flash-cards for both of my exams. I will use it again for the Extra exam prep once I’m done with the manuals. I like their practice exams, and how it keeps stats of what you need to work on. I will likely not buy the app, but their site is a wonderful resource.


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