uBit-X Digital mode question

Our good friend Caleb, K5RFL, has a question regarding digital modes with the uBit-X. If anyone has any insight, comment below!

I’ve got a question for any of the operators who have setup a ubitx transceiver. I’ve got my kit in and am currently working on my case. In my thinking about what I want to do with this setup, I’m interested in using it for Ft8 and connecting to my computer for CAT control as well. My question is more related to the digital mode setup. How would you make the connection at the transceiver end? I’ve seen where some people have used a female RJ 45 jack and a few other things, but I wanted to know if any of you have setup your ubitx for digital modes and, if so, how you made the connection between your computer/sound card interface and the ubitx.

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