Lightening damage

Tuesday night about the time the Lowndes County ARC net was going on, a fairly violent storm was forming over West Lowndes. Luckily, I was able to get checked in and immediately unplugged my antennas.

This tree is on the South end of Steger Road, just on the North side of Elm Lake Golf Course. Yikes!! Imagine if this was your vertical!


2 thoughts on “Lightening damage”

  1. It looks like an oak tree. I have a friend who had an oak tree beside his house. Lightning struck and the bark and pieces of the trunk flew up on the roof and to the other side of the house. It looked like the sap inside the bark steam flashed and shot the bark a long way.


  2. It is interesting the way this one blew up too. I mean it blew up! There’s tree fragments everywhere. Very impressive!


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