A Simplex Repeater Is Coming To Our Area!

  • 218 seconds total recording time (optional upgrade to 1734 seconds)
  • 19.2 kHz sample rate for excellent voice clarity and SSTV compatibility
  • Programmable maximum message length setting
  • Provides automated radio check capability
  • 20-year data retention with no power
  • Optional Morse code or voice identification
  • DTMF remote control for all functions
  • Operates from two AA batteries or external 4-28 V DC supply
  • ‘Say again’ function repeats last received transmission on command
  • Selectable courtesy tones
  • Audio output adjustable in hardware and by remote command
  • PTT modes for handheld and mobile radios
  • Upgradeable software for future enhancements
  • Programmable security code with auto-lock feature
  • Unit remains controllable even with stuck receiver squelch
  • 1 year warranty on complete unit, 5 years on flash memory

2 thoughts on “A Simplex Repeater Is Coming To Our Area!”

  1. Now that would make for a nice new toy, I been running 2 Baofeng UV5Rs with a SurComm Repeater unit Playing around with it in an AMMO Can


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