Simplex Repeater Testing On 2m And Later On 6m.

  • A simplex repeater records incoming transmissions and retransmits them on the same frequency. This has the effect of doubling the time required to transmit a message, while a traditional repeater typically costs thousands of dollars and might be semi-portable at best,
  • a simplex repeater can be set up with a single handheld radio and operated from batteries. This makes it perfect for disaster response, home or campground use, and any place where radio range needs to be extended but the cost and complexity of a traditional repeater can’t be justified.

4 thoughts on “Simplex Repeater Testing On 2m And Later On 6m.”

  1. I had to pull my Emergency Portable Simplex Repeater, this is what I have and tested on Surecom SR-628 Cross Band Duplex Repeater Controller. It works great good for events and other fun stuff..yes it uses 2 antennas one radio receives and the other one transmits.. Works Like a champ


  2. What is the equipment being used the earlier post gave the specs on it but it didn’t say what the specs were to what equipm


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