Light Up 2 Meters Night, an FM Simplex Event!


Who: Any licensed Amateur Radio Operator

What: Light Up 2 Meters Night, an FM simplex event

When: August 26, 2018 7-9pm (Local)

Where: Anywhere! Brag bonus for cool locations! (146.55 suggested freq.)

Why: Let’s reignite the 2 meter radio waves!

All too often I hear from new ham radio operators (and old!) that 2 meter simplex is just dead. Some operators will tell you the complete opposite, that there’s always someone to talk to. Whatever the case may be, most ham radio operators start out with a 2 meter radio. So, the biggest thing we all have in common, IMHO is the ability to communicate via 2 meters. What’s the big deal? There’s a huge importance to 2 meter FM simplex communications – and unless you want some corporation lobbying for that beautiful chunk of spectrum, I suggest we start using it!

I don’t think I need to elaborate on the importance of connecting with your own community. The advantages are endless… not just in an emergency type scenario, but in an everyday type scenario. We need to bring back 2 meters period. Don’t just flip the radio on and look for someone… call out! (Just a tip: multiple times and for a long duration so that folks can have a chance to hear you!) Not only can I get the weather & traffic reports faster than any other network, but I’d also much rather call out for help from the ham community if the need ever arose. The power of 2m communication is a bit different than that of your other bands. Quite powerful in fact… no infrastructure to depend on… and your limitations are only set by your antenna (well in most instances – there’s a special thing called tropospheric ducting)



More here!


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