FREE License Testing Session

Looks like a lot of testing opportunities for Amateur first time testers and upgrade candidates with options galore.

The Golden Triangle Volunteer Examiner Team (GTVET), utilizing the Laurel VEC,  is testing on Monday night September 24th at 6:30 pm at the Lowndes County Amateur Radio clubhouse. Prior registration is preferred, but walk-ins are perfectly welcome.

No testing fees will be incurred by any applicant and turn around time for FCC call signs and upgrade qualification has been reported to be as quickly as two business days or less in most cases. Some exceptions may apply.

More information is available on the Laurel VEC  site, as well as the ARRL site.

Contact John, K5DDT at to register.

3 thoughts on “FREE License Testing Session”

  1. It is amazing the test session is both Laurel VEC sponsored and ARRL VEC, so I supposed the cost will be $7:50 :-).


  2. My comment was really about the ignorance and/or dishonesty by the club contact person to announce a Laurel VEC testing session as an ARRL/VEC testing on the ARRL website as described in your post and links. They are two completely different organizations. I wish LoCoARC/GTVET best of luck, but hope some aspiring hams choose and support ARRL and the CARA club.

    ARRL is by far the largest VEC of the 14 VECs and carry a very large load in that organization deciding on question pools and and interaction with FCC. Here is a link to FCC about it

    ARRL is the National Association for Amateur Radio and represent hams at FCC and international groups and much more, where Laurel VEC do almost nothing so no costs.

    I think it is cheap to announce a Laurel VE testing as an ARRL sanctioned testing on the ARRL website. I do not think ARRL likes it!

    If an aspiring ham or an upgrading ham choses CARA ARRL/VEC testing for a small charge of $15 he or she supports ARRL with some income to improve the future of amateur radio.

    My previous comment was a failed joke: Laurel VEC $0 and ARRL VEC $15 divided with 2 is $7:50 so please disregard it!


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