CARA Holds a Technician Class with VE Exam Test September 12 -15.

The new club Caledonia Amateur Radio Association, CARA with call sign KI5AST is an ARRL affiliated club. CARA is offering VE tests monthly.

CARA has already 5 experienced ARRL VE’s and we are offering our first technician class in September ending with a test. The teacher is an ARRL certified instructor.

Class schedule:

Wednesday September 12, time 1800 – 2000 

Thursday September 13, time 1800 – 2000 

Friday September 14, time 1800 – 2000

Saturday September 15, time 0800 – 1200  test at 1400

Study material:

Gordon West Technician Book 2018 – 2022 and we expect participants to purchase and study the book in advance.


$15 including test fee, the book is extra. The whole fee is sent to ARRL to support the future of amateur radio, CARA does not keep anything.


Contact Ken AD5DO very soon for questions and instructions at or (662) 356-4462

If an aspiring ham or an upgrading ham choses CARA ARRL/VEC testing for a small charge of $15, he or she supports ARRL with some income to improve the future of amateur radio and represent American hams in contacts with FCC, legislators and international organizations.

Gordon West study book is available at Amazon link below.

Gordon West book at Amazon

A General Exam Class is scheduled for January 2019.

6 thoughts on “CARA Holds a Technician Class with VE Exam Test September 12 -15.”

  1. This would get a larger turnout if it was listed as a class and test on the ARRL website more interested parties could know about it, will there be a General Class in the near future following the Tech class??
    I have contacted 4 people to let them know about the class and gave them the contact info for the Tech Class.


  2. Richard, It will soon be posted on the ARRL website and CARA is planning a General Class and VE test in January 2019 more info later. Thanks for spreading the word, the aspirants need to contact AD5DO@ ASAP.


  3. Arne, I just copied the info from the Ham Eating Chicken site and email it to them with the fact that they need to contact the POC listed so hopefully they will contact him.


  4. Arne, It’s not going to matter if people seeking this class or any other Class if there already in a Radio Club will it??


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