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Upcoming events for LoCoARC:
In addition to the GTVET testing session on 9/24 at the clubhouse, we agreed in our monthly meeting last night  to have a day in the park on Sept. 29 at Blue Bluff on the Tenn-Tom at Aberdeen, MS. It looks like a great location with restrooms nearby and bar-b-q grills at the pavilions. This is a great opportunity to get out and operate as well as spend time with like minded HAMS. Make plans to join us if you possibly can.
On October 13th we are making a club outing to the Pappa Jack trade day in Tupelo with a lunch somewhere to be determined for those who care to eat together before returning to Columbus. There will be carpooling available. More details will be sent out in advance for departure times and other details as we get them.
We are also looking for a suitable location for our Christmas party this year. For the past several years we have used Ryan’s which is no longer an option. The preferable date for a club party is Thursday, Dec. 6th which would be our December meeting date. Anyone with ideas please share them by contacting me. Please check with any facility you have in mind beforehand for availability on that date at 7:00 pm, any minimum head count required, price per plate and menu as well as if there is a private dining room for our use. It is urgent that we get booked asap as Christmas is fast approaching and restaurants will be booking up soon.
I would like to comment on the program presented to the club last night by Ben Stapp (KB5ZO) of MFJ Enterprises regarding different methods of linking repeaters in order to broaden coverage area. Some interesting concepts were covered. Ben did a great job and we offer him a big thank you for going out of his way and taking the time to come and present to our club.


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  1. I’ll mark these dates down. Maybe we can get an brief article in West Point and Aberdeen area papers about the day in the park.


  2. If any of y’all are interested, we are having a big day in the park on October 6, 9am-2pm, Olive Branch City Park, free B.B. Q./Ribs, burgers and dogs. Bunches of prizes and speakers, tailgating, 2 GOTA stations. No cost. Held by Hernando and Olive Branch clubs.


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