mBitx Update and First Bench Test

Last night I finished the wiring for my mBitx and did a little bench test on it. The noise floor was a little high, so I was unable to make a contact on 40M, but I did hear several stations on pretty well. In the video I went through some of the options on the Nextion touch screen. This barely scratches the surface of the screen, though, because there are many additional options that I’m not familiar with. SDR options, an add-on for an SWR meter, and who knows what else. I’m putting together a 40M inverted vee style dipole to use for a field test tomorrow while I’m in Eupora. I’ve got my “go box” packed with the battery, cables, and mBitx. I’ll carry my dipole and slingshot along. Fingers crossed for a good test and a few contacts.

73s, K5RFL


Additional video shows a little bit about the box I set up.

3 thoughts on “mBitx Update and First Bench Test”

  1. Great work Caleb! I hope you can bring your “Go Box” with your mBitx to Blue Bluff in Aberdeen on Sept 29. I would love to see it. I have another uBitX to assemble – I would like more enclosure ideas, yours looks very interesting!
    73 AF5KQ Walt.


    1. Thanks, Walt. It’s actually a pvc junction box that I cut on and wrapped with a carbon vinyl that I had at the house. I plan on bringing it to Aberdeen. That’s why I wanted to have it ready to test this weekend, so I can adjust things, if need be, before next weekend.


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