Portable HF antenna- what is the priority for selecting what you’ll use?

In my quest to make an efficient portable QRP setup I’ve been looking at the different types of antennas that park chasers and summit on the air (SOTA) operators are using.  My thinking is that these operators are inclined to use the most efficient antenna they can while keeping their overall load to a minimum weight and a relatively quick setup process since many of them hit multiple parks in a given day.

I’ve been a little surprised at the variety of types and sizes of antennas used in portable rig operations.  There are simple vertical setups using a fishing pole, a camera tripod, and wire, like in this video: https://youtu.be/ofmUK8o7Jxg  and a vertical radiating antenna with ground radials like this: https://youtu.be/spWdV-So0iA

There are also a variety of dipole configurations using quick connect setups to have multiband operation without necessarily needing a tuner.  I’ve seen a center fed dipole setup in this manner for 20/40/80 meters using the flat spade type connectors to connect/disconnect each section in order to change bands.

What would your antenna preference be for portable operation?  What is your priority for this type of operation?  Is it more important for it to be lightweight and quick to setup is there another factor that is more important for you?

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