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The MARC club meeting will take place at 7 pm this evening at the Oktibbeha EOC building behind the Pita Pit off Main St.

Tonight is QSL card night, so bring your favorite QSL card and a short story about why it’s your favorite. We’ve also got several things to cover this evening, so join us and let’s have fun together. There may be some of the attendees going to grab a bite to eat afterwards, if you’re interested.

Last thing, and I’ll hush. Check out our Facebook page, Magnolia Amateur Radio Club, Twitter (@magarc6), & our website magarc.org for some recent updates. We’re working to build our presence online and it should benefit all local hams in some way, considering the number of activities the clubs do together.

If you have any HAM related projects you’re working on, or maybe some stuff you need to finish a project, let me know. I’ll be glad to share the info. We’ve got a lot of guys around here who love to help out and may have just what you need without you having to go buy it. 73s y’all.

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  1. I really enjoyed the meeting and seeing all of you. Thanks for letting this po’ Georgia boy join the ranks. Looking forward to the next get together.


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