Golden Globe racers using Amateur radio illegally

If you aren’t familiar, there is a very interesting sailing race that circles the globe…solo…nonstop. The Golden Globe Race is such an event. The history of this event is legendary. I’ve personally read both Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s Book, and Bernard Moitessier’s book, The Long Way . Both excellent accounts of their journies.

The modern incarnation of this race is just as fascinating. The entrants must use the same technology available to the original sailors. No GPS…no sat phones. Ham radio, however was used in the original race, and thus allowed. Now a few of the sailors have been found, and admonished for using the Ham nets to communicate with their shore teams, but not having a valid Amateur Radio license! Yachting Monthly has the story here.

Thanks to K5DDT for sharing the monthly Meridian Amateur Radio Club newsletter which contained the article link.

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