MagARC March Net Door-Prize

If you missed the W5YD (Mississippi State University Radio Club) weekly net last night, you may want to get it on your list.  Allen  (AG5ND) and Steve (N5OMK) announced a door-prize system to March’s nets. Here’s how it is going to work, from what I can understand.  This is a Magnolia Amateur Radio Club offering, so big thanks to them.

Every net that you check into will enter you in the drawing. At the end of March, a random number will be pulled. The order of stations that check in is the number that you will be indexed with. For instance, let’s say you checked in 3rd on the 4 March net, 9th on the 11 March net, and missed the other 2 nets; If the number 9 or 3 is pulled, you are the winner.

Of course, the more nets you make the better chance you will have! I’m sure we’ll have updates as we get closer, so stay tuned!

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