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Comment to this post and let us know what you’ve got or looking for!

12 thoughts on “Swap Shop”

      1. Thanks for the offer Chris, I ordered some the next day. The nano wasn’t the problem. I have 2 extras if someone needs one. K5ALA


  1. Here’s one. Looking for the separation kit for an FT-8500, I think the part number is YSK-8500. Just the cable for the faceplate would be great.
    Josh KF4KQS


  2. Also I have an LDG AT-100 Proii autotuner. Comes with original box, icon interface cable, manual and a new jumper. $150.00 shipped


  3. I’m in desperate need of some board extenders for an FT-101 series radio. Would like to borrow or purchase a set of possible. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be wonderful.



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