Growth for 2019 and beyond

Good Tuesday afternoon, HEC readers!

If ever there was a place to be in ham radio, we’re in it. I’ve come across a few articles recently that hit on some topics common to the ham radio community in general, even to our ham radio community locally, to some extent. The topics are an aging demographic in amateur radio operators, the various means of communication within ham radio and how new and seasoned operators feel about them, and how to build up the local ham radio community and participation. I’m going to put up a few articles here on HEC, and links to them on as well, in hopes of not only opening some meaningful dialogue over these topics, but also encouraging action on how we’re going to build our ham community in the Golden Triangle and beyond.

We’ve had some new technician operators added this year and that’s wonderful, especially considering that many of them are younger and have the potential to keep ham radio thriving in our area for years to come, but we have to keep them involved, keep them excited, and give them reason to do that.

I’ll put up my first article tomorrow covering the overall aging demographic in ham radio and I want you to be thinking about why this is the case so you can leave your comments on the article.

For today, pick one of the following two statements and comment why you chose that one. Remember you can post anonymously as well. This isn’t about right or wrong, but just curious as to what people feel.

  1. I feel like our ham radio community in our area is great and I wouldn’t change anything about it.
  2. I feel like our ham radio community is good, but I feel like we could do better.

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