Yet another digital mode FT4

Joe Taylor, author of WSJT-X, has announced the FT4 digital mode.

FT4 is 2.5x faster than FT8 and is specifically designed for contesting. Here’s an article on QRZ giving a little more information. FT4 Digital Mode It uses less bandwith than RTTY and has fixed messages like FT8. Will you be trying FT4 during a contest anytime soon?


2 thoughts on “Yet another digital mode FT4”

  1. Interesting. Thanks for the info!

    Will I use it? I dunno…I never got the FT8 stuff compiled. I didn’t give it much effort, but maybe I’ll look into this. Always nice to have another knife in the drawer.


    1. I’ve made use of FT8, although I still don’t really understand the options it has. I’ve been basic and primarily used the “canned” messages for making contacts, but haven’t set up any macros of my own. I’ll check out FT4 via YouTube sometime. It is nice to have another knife in the drawer, but I’m a country fella and what I see is another knife, but I don’t understand when to pick which one. Kind of like those salad forks at the restaurants that give you 2 forks when you sit down. I want to politely let them know there is no need for me to have two forks. I can eat just fine with one. Ha


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