Still using Windows XP?

If you are, you’re not alone. According to about 3.5% of all desktops and laptops out there are still running XP.

A new vulnerability may change that number soon, I hope. According to the article, I’ll link it below, Microsoft is pushing out a patch for this new problem and including XP devices. That makes this the first patch for XP in a couple of years.

The only details here say it’s related to Remote Desktop Services, but that’s about it. It does say that Windows 8 & up computers aren’t affected by the flaw, but no mention of how Windows 7 may be impacted.

If you dig around a little, and watch in restaurants you dine at, you’ll see Windows XP used all around you and, if these businesses aren’t prepared to apply the patch, it could be a mess.

I’ll step out there and say that I believe it will be a mess before long.

Check out the full article on Wired Windows XP flaw

73 y’all, K5RFL

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