LoCoARC Build Project

At the November LoCoARC meeting a presentation is planned to provide
information about a club build in the near future. The planned device
(kit) is called a “Morse Code Tutor”. Two working units have been build
by K5ALA (Jericho) and AF5KQ (Walt). These will be available for
inspection and demonstration.

The attached picture shows the populated and working PC board. The
processor is a “Blue Pill” (STM32F103C)(shown just below the display) It
is a very versatile device. It addition to various ‘Receive’ and ‘Send’
practice modes, an optional SD card can be inserted with any practice
text you would like. The picture shows the beginning of “Alice in

Estimated cost of parts should be around $25. (Not including the SD
Card or the power supply, which can be a 9 volt battery or a 9 to 13.8
volt source.) An enclosure is up to the builder.

This link: https://groups.io/g/SoftwareControlledHamRadio/message/7013
is to an email posted to https://groups.io/g/SoftwareControlledHamRadio
by Bruce Hall, K8BH. Bruce designed the printed circuit board and
wrote very excellent build instructions. Links to pictures and
additional info are provided in the above link.

If you are interested in building this kit we will need an accurate
count for parts ordering.

Thanks and 73, Walt AF5KQ

Thank you, Walt for sharing this. If you’ve ever thought of practicing your build skills, keep an eye on the Lowndes County ARC. They’ve done several project days recently and everyone that has attended enjoyed them.

Come to the meeting next Thursday, or comment below, if you want to take part in this and get a kit.

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