LoCoARC Build Project Update

LoCoARC proposed kit build update.

Yesterday, Oct. 27, Bruce Hall W8BH, designer of the circuit board and
writer of the instructions announced some new enhancements to the kit.
These enhancements mainly relate to the software and to the addition of
a Users Guide which is a very good description of all of the features
available. If you are interested in learning / improving Morse Code I
suggest you download the User Guide to see the features and how they
might help you.

User Guide download: http://w8bh.net/MorseTutor10.pdf

Build Instructions download: http://w8bh.net/MorseTutor9.pdf

As mentioned earlier Jericho and I will show and demonstrate our working
units at the November LoCoARC meeting on Thursday, November 7, at the
LoCoARC clubhouse at 7:00 PM. We will be taking orders for the kit.
Some of the parts need to come from China so will some time to arrive.

Thanks and 73,

Walt AF5KQ

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