It’s a busy week, here’s some reminders..

W5YD weekly eekly net at 8 PM tonight on 146.805, no tone. Be sure to check in, even if you need an early check-in, and be part of this record setting net tonight.

The Lowndes County ARC weekly QSO net begins at 7:30 tomorrow night on 147.000, 136.5 tone. This is a net that has seen good growth this year, due in part to the fantastic support from ham operators in the area. We’ve got one record setting net on Monday night, let’s build this one up to be a record setter as well.

If you can’t reach the repeater, relay in through someone. This isn’t a bad practice anyway. If you needed to pass traffic to Columbus and can’t key the repeater, you need to know who you can reach to get that traffic through.

Lowndes County ARC monthly meeting, Thursday night at 7 at the LoCoARC clubhouse on Lawrence Street in Columbus.

Saturday at 9 am there is a test session that will be held at MFJ by the Golden Triangle VE Team. If you’re considering an upgrade or know someone considering tech license, y’all show up and give it a try. At no cost, there’s really no reason not to sit for it and try. We’ll see you there.

If I missed something, please let me know and I’ll add it on. I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I hope to catch you on the air. 73, K5RFL.

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