GTR Drone Safety Seminar

Jan 16th, GTR airport conducted its 3rd annual Drone Safety and Operations Seminar. This was well attended by local hams, drone operators, local industry, FAA, TSA, hobbyists, and the USAF. It was a very well done and attended.

If you are a drone (or RC aircraft) operator, make sure to put this on your list for the next offering.

From left: Wes “Dewy” Walsh ,CAFB :Madison Dixon, Raspet Flight Research Lab, MSU: Greg Stewart, General Manager, Aurora Flight Sciences: Tom Ford, KC5NMB: Mark Lacy, W5TXR: Sue Birkholz, KG5SEO: Mike Hainsey, A.A.E Executive Director, GTR Airport: John Buckley, K5DDT: Pat Birkholz: Rocky Kelly, KE5SEG: Albert McCray, Avoration Safety Inspector, FAA. Not pictured was Joey Jones, W5HNZ.
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