W5YD virtual club meeting @ club repeater Friday noon

Dear members of the W5YD club,
As you know, we cannot meet in person for our club meeting this month but given the nature of our hobby we do have our very own solution for a virtual meeting: our 2-meter club repeater! Please mark your calendars for tomorrow at noon and join us. I’m hoping that there can be a silver lining to the current situation and that we’ll hear from a number of our registered members who normally feel too busy to come to the club meetings in person. The “meeting” will be conducted similar to a net, so the format will be familiar.

If you are outside of the Starkville area but you are a licensed ham radio operator, you can still join us on EchoLink! If you need some help setting up echolink, shoot an email to msu.w5yd@gmail.com and someone will get back to you with tips on what to do.

Our repeater and EchoLink information is here : http://w5yd.org.msstate.edu/
Looking forward to hearing you on the repeater tomorrow.
Aaron – W2TM, club president

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