Lunch for Field Day (Sat)- June 27

At this point, aside from the main course of leg quarters, here are the food items people plan to bring for lunch on Field Day Saturday. If you can bring something else, or would like to, please let me know. email 73!

1. W5HNZ Joey Let him know if we need anything

2. K5BAK Doug Pasta SaladK5DDT John Baked Beans 2 large pans

3. AD5HM Andrew Freezer of Ice Cream

4. N5LHJ Lane Freezer of Ice Cream

5. KE5SGE Rocky 5 – 6# Potato Salad

6. KC5NMB Tom Bread

7. KF5KQS Josh Rolls, Paper Plates, Plastic Ware

8. AF5KQ Walt Maybe

9. KI5GIG Mark Desert

10. K5RFL Caleb Desert

11. K5ALA Jericho The Cook

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