HF Activity

After the recent 13 Colonies SES several local operators made a clean sweep in one or more modes, including SSB and CW. Over the last few weeks I’ve heard regular activity on my usual bands, 40 and 20 meters.

We’ve welcomed several new Technicians over the last few months and a few upgrades as well, so local activity is even busier than it was as well. We’re definitely blessed as far as amateur radio communities go and I hope each of you realize that and don’t take for granted that it will just be there.

Many amateur radio communities struggle with local activity for various reasons, whether an aging demographic that may not be as active as they once were or just an overall lack of activity that has decreased interest.

We’ve got a lot of active hams in the Golden Triangle area who initiate, and engage in, a number of fun activities that we all enjoy. That activity has helped us grow, fairly steadily, over the last few years. If you are not participating in activities, I’d be interested to learn why, if it’s not related to work conflicts, which I know a few have.

If there is an activity, or activities, that you wish were done more often or at a different time, let it be known. Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a full blown area wide activity. If weekday evenings is all that work for you, let’s figure out an activity that you’d enjoy that we can put together during the week. Whether it’s 2 or 3 participating or 20+, we want every amateur radio operator in the area to be involved and having fun.

Email me at k5rfl@arrl.net. Let’s keep on hammin and havin fun!

73, K5RFL

One thought on “HF Activity”

  1. Having witnessed the growth of amateur radio in the GTR area over the time that I have been a Ham, it is amazing. You guys are active, involved, and motivated to inspire new hams. I live in the Memphis Metro area and with all the amateurs operators in this region, I don’t see anything on the scale and success that y’all are having.
    I spend a few weeks a year in that area (hunting). I have always been made welcome and people are friendly . So, to let you guys know that people all over the state recognize the efforts and success of the area amateurs. I say thanks to all of you. Keith Clardy. Kg5pbj


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