W5YD Club meeting Wednesday, Aug 26th 5pm

Dear members of the W5YD Amateur Radio Club,
Welcome back to another semester! It was good to see some of you online last night during the “Shades of Starkville” event. In spite of the restrictions necessitated by covid-19, we’re still going to have a fun and productive semester for the club. 

After deliberating with our faculty advisor, Dr Clay, we’ve determined that the best meeting slot for this semester will be at 5pm on Wednesdays. We will meet about once per month at the clubhouse at 120 Morgan Avenue on campus on the following Wednesdays at 5pm:

August 26th
September 23rd
October 14th
November 11th

Please mark your calendars for August 26th. We’ll start by electing the club officers for the year, and then we’ll discuss some of the activities that we’d like to see happen during this semester, including an event on the Drill Field, a testing session, operating the 100 year anniversary special event station, and joining in the School Club Roundup.

I’ll also get this information posted later today on https://w5yd.org.msstate.edu/

73 de W2TM, Aaron, club president

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