Proposal for the FCC to Charge A Fee For Amateur Radio License Applications

The FCC recently published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making
in which they describe a plan to start charging a fee of $50
for various Amateur Radio License applications, including
new licenses, upgrades, call sign changes, renewals, and
paper copies of licenses.

This will affect ALL hams financially. Comments need to be made to our congressmen and Senators.

One thought on “Proposal for the FCC to Charge A Fee For Amateur Radio License Applications”

  1. No……this is just another tax by
    the government. They will do nothing for us. It is very unfair.
    Where will the government put this money. As a retired person this is another unfair tax we cannot deal with. Will force us to give up one more thing in retirement. After 50 yrs in this hobby of helping the government this is the thanks we get. Hell no.
    This is wrong!!


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