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  1. Awesome. I looked at this awhile back but never messed with it. Looks good, Joey. I want to dedicate a monitor to this. That would be cool.
    73, K5RFL


  2. It’s pretty cool. I really wanted a solar clock, but this has other useful stuff. Pretty good idea. Anyway, the build was very easy. I downloaded the source code as a .tgz (tar-gzip file).

    Unzipped and un-tarred it:
    -> tar -xvzf ESPHamClock.tgz

    That created an ESPHamClock directory, so I get into that directory:
    -> cd ESPHamClock

    Then I ran “make help” which will show the available targets. There are several resolutions and other configurations. I chose ‘hamclock-1600×960’, which is the X11 desktop version. So, then I just run make with that target:
    -> make -j 4 hamclock-1600×960

    The “-j 4” argument to make is just telling it to use 4 processors in a parallel fashion. It’s faster..this code doesn’t take long to compile, it’s just habit of mine. A standard “make hamclock-1600×960” would suffice. I’m impatient and I have the hardware to run a parallel make, so why not!

    The results of this is a binary (executable) named “hamclock-1600×960”.



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