Radio in the Park #4…..Success.

Yesterday we had our fourth Radio in the Park event this year, again at the beautiful pavilion at Lake Lowndes State Park. The weather was very nice including a short shower.


Serious bunch of hams and some can’t stop eating :).

Radio operations under the roof. Virgil did CW from his truck.

A Butternut vertical beside the pavilion and we also had home made OCF and regular dipole antennas hooked to our stations. The Radio Mobile has a screwdriver antenna.

Katie is our radio dog and we practiced raising a tent, maybe next Radio in the Park will be a camping event.

Of course food and coffee was plentiful.

We had a lot of fun. We want to invite more hams to our gatherings, follow this blog for information. Leave comments and questions by clicking the comment link beside each posting and we will be back to you.




Who is Papa Jack?

The date for the Papa Jack’s Trade Day has been set for October 22nd.  The location will be our current meeting place and utilizing the parking lot in front of the building and also down the south side.  We will have plenty of room for tail gating and parking plus rest room facilities inside.  Please pass this date along to others that might be interested and let’s have the biggest trade day ever this year!

Please remember that the Tupelo VE team will offer exams at 10:00am on October 22 during our Papa Jack’s Trade Day.  The test location will be the 118 Lemons Drive at the Tupelo Airport.  This is the building that has been serving as the temporary headquarters for the Tupelo Police and is the same room where the Tupelo Amateur Radio Club has been recently meeting. If you know of anyone who has been planning to take an exam, please pass a reminder to them. Examinees need to bring photo ID, copy of present license if currently licensed, any valid CSCE’s, and $10 exam fee.   Also, examinees should notify me of their intention to sit for an exam at or 662-322-2201.

ARRL to Host CHIRP Radio Programming Webinar

ARRL will host a CHIRP Radio Programming webinar on Wednesday, October 19, at 8 PM ET (0000 UTC on Thursday, October 20, in US time zones). This presentation will offer a brief overview of the free, open-source CHIRP software, which can be used to program most radios.

Attendees will learn: What CHIRP is, which radios are supported, how to get CHIRP, and how to troubleshoot CHIRP. Presenter James Lee, N1DDK, became active in CHIRP development for the initial TYT9800 driver. He is a hardware development engineer for Qualcomm.

Register now! After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the webinar.

QSO Net tonight.

The Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club QSO Net starts at 07:30 PM on 147.000 MHz, + shift and tone 136.5 every Tuesday.

Everybody with a ham license is welcome to call in. It is also possible to participate via EchoLink (internet) on a computer or smartphone. The call sign is KC5ULN-R

The purpose of the net is club business, amateur radio news and public service. By participating in the net we make sure our equipment and organization works and if needed we can assist with emergency communication when everything else is down. Also we can help with communication as a public service at biking and running events.

More info at

Resetting the 146.625MHz repeater.

This morning John and I went to the .625 repeater site to reset the repeater. Earlier an UPS battery back-up had been installed to prevent the repeater to go down for short power blips. Nevertheless the repeater went down again and why we need to figure out later. The repeater was disconnected from the UPS for 10 seconds and powered up again and the repeater came back on.


Here are some pictures John took during our excursion into the deep Mississippi woods.


A storm has dislocated the antenna, so it is leaning. This is affecting the coverage area as we have noticed.


Always ready, we had two chainsaws just in case. This time we were lucky, someone had cleared the road.


Entrance to the building.


Always ready, notice the snake boots! The repeater and controller and power supply are in the cabinett, the battery back-up UPS is on top of the cabinett. A very nice set of duplexer cans make the installation complete.

Couple of update notes to Lowndes County Ham operators.

Hams will not be eating chicken this Thursday unless we get rained out from radio day in the park at the pavilion in Lake Lowndes state park which I believe is unlikely. Please consider coming to the park and joining us if you have a little free time Thursday. Bring your own lunch if you will be there for that meal time.

As of today it appears the 146.625 repeater is down. Tuesday Arne and I are going out to reboot it and attempt to get it back up and going again. Ken seems to think this repeater may need more extensive maintenance. We will try keeping it going until the changes can be made.

As of this past Saturday, many of you are already aware the 147.270 repeater at the clubhouse is up and running on the tower. This repeater gives good coverage over most all of Lowndes county and into some of the surrounding counties. The antenna for the repeater is above a tri-band HF beam that was mounted on top of the 100′ tower the club bought.

It is noteworthy to take a minute here and thank those who have worked so hard in so many different capacities to make this a reality. If I overlook anyone please forgive me but all of these need our thanks and gratitude. KA5MAN Austin Mann, AD5DO Ken Campbell, KC5NMB Tom Ford, K5ARN Arne Carlsson. W0EP Chris Howard deserves a special thanks and accolades for the effort he has put forth in making this all a reality. Chris climbed the tower several times and has one or two trips up left before it is all put to rest. Many thanks again Chris.

I can’t quit before I mention the blog site. It continues to grow with new additions nearly every day. There are pictures and video of the antenna project Saturday for your viewing.Be sure to stop and leave a message or simply make a comment.

That’s all I have for now. Encourage your family and friends to become hams. Invite old hams to join us in any or all activities the club is involved in. Be sure to promote our net call on the 147.000 at 7:30 pm each Tuesday. I will be listening for you tomorrow night.

Don’t forget the Christmas party on Thursday night, December 1st and the testing session on Saturday, December 10th.

You can call or email for more information.


John Buckley K5DDT